About the routes...

There must be more than 70 routes at the present time. I have compiled all the routes I know, but I'm sure that there must be some more in this chaos of rocks and boulders. If you know about other routes, names of the routes/crags, whatever... or if you find mistakes in what I've written on this blog please leave your message in tafraoutclimbing.blogspot.com or mail me at palanmartin@gmail.com, I'll be glad adding new information.

The idea of this blog was to make a meeting point where climbers from all over the world could share their information and experiences about climbing in this magical place. Let's make it grow!

The fundamentalHeight: 10-100m (10-20m are the most common)
Gear: 60m rope and quickdraws, nuts and cams for cracks when specified
Bolting: bring many drills, the rock surface might be a bit loose sometimes but the core is really hard
Routes quality: *Recommended;
*** Best you'll see!

Some bibliographyEscalar #12 (spanish climbing mag)
Desnivel #124 (another spanish climbing mag)
Grimper #67 (french climbing mag)

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