moving around in tafraout

Tafraout [pop. 5000] is a quite and small touristical town in the Anti-Atlas full of colourful adobe houses incredibly hanging on pink granite rocks. Heart of a vast region of oasis and almond trees valleys, remains an important commercial centre of this berber land. People's hospitality and curiousness (first you think they always want to sell you something, then you'll see that most of them just want to know about you) can only be compared with their trading natural instinct. There are many shops in town to provide with food and souvenirs and a weekly market (zouk) on wednesday, the smaller daily central zouk is also good enough. You'll find 2 gas stations, post office, banks, chemist's, a small hospital, internet access and 3 hammams (local baths).

Hotel Les Amandiers (luxuriest choice in town, with swimming pool): 314-528 DH
Hotel Salama: 115-150 DH
Hotel Saint Antoine: (beside BMCE-Bank, no further information yet)
Hotel Ryad Tafraout: (still under construction in 2006)
Hotel Reddouane: 35-50 DH
Hotel Tanger: 25 DH
Camping Les 3 Palmiers: 10 DH-adults / 6 DH kids, 12-15 DH/tent, 20 DH/caravan-RV, 8 DH/shower, 50-100 DH/bungalow
Camping Tazka:
cheaper prizes than the preavious

Restaurant Les Amandiers: 100-150 DH
Rest. Salama
Rest. Chez Sabir
Rest. Étoile du Sud:
80 DH/menu
Rest. Étoile d'Agadir: 50 DH
Rest. Agadir
Rest. Marrakech:
50 DH (good food, a little bit noisy)
Rest. Reddouane: 25-35 DH
Rest. Tanger: 25-35 DH (friendly ambiance, good food and remarkable upper terrace)
Bottled water: 5-6 DH/1,5 L bottle
Bread: 1-1,2 DH /piece

Moving around
Car rental at M. Touareg: 1200 DH/day (gas not included)
Bike rental at Au Coin des Nomades, M. Berbère and M. Touareg: 60-100 DH/day

Banque Populaire: exchange
BMCE: exchange+ATM
M. Touareg: exchange

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