moving around in morocco

Car: Once you cross the herring-pond by ferry (calculate 300-360 € for 4 people+car) there are 1150 kms from Ceuta/Tanger to Tafraout. Except for the almost 450 kms tollway between Tanger and Settat (less than 150 DH, 84 DH from Larache if coming from Ceuta) roads in Morocco are not as good as we (europeans) would like to, so you'll better reserve an extra time to move around. Be patient and be prepared for some crazy driving, trucks and taxi drivers overtake no matter how hard it looks: moroccan roads always fit 3 vehicles, don't ask how!

Flights: Closest airports are Agadir and Marrakech. There are buses Agadir-Tafraout 4 times a day for 40 DH, expect a 4h drive...

Prizes we found in 2006 were between 7.58 DH and 7.65 DH per litre.

Guidebooks (some, there are tons more...)
Lonely Planet

The Rough Guide
Trotamundos (spanish)
Petit Fruté (french)

Moroccan currency is the dirham (DH). Exchange rate was 10 DH = 1€ in 2006.

Best season
December to March, Xmas time offers fresh temperatures usually varying from 3º C at night to 20º C throughout the day. Avoid the unbearable months of summer, temperatures can reach 50º C without any difficulty.

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