Some more places to climb in Morocco (see map)

**** Todra Gorge: 1 pitch to 300 mts - the most classic limestone sport climbing spot in Morocco. You'll find more information about the routes, lodging, climbing guides, etc.

**** Taghia Gorge: the future! up to 800mts walls of perfect limestone in the middle of nowhere. Many multi-pitch routes have been opened ground up in the last years, both trad and sport, but with long, long runouts in some of them. You'll find excellent topos at Desnivel #247 (spanish).

** Amellago: limestone sport climbing in the small villages of Imiter, Aït Slimane and Oudidi.

* Oukaïmeden: sandstone bouldering in pine forests.

* Imi-n-Tanoute: drive South of this town and you'll find sandstone rock ridges on both sides of the road waiting to be opened in a windy and desolated ambiance.

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