How to get to the climbing areas

  • 1_ Tocho Tafraout is located north of town and is quite visible from it, faces south-east


Yelmo Carpantónico & Cancho del Perro, El Lanchar, Gran Diedro, Tochos Zoco & Basura and Davilofante are located along the northern side of the road and are mainly south facing. Cancho Bastardo and Cancho Rizo are located south of Ighir n'Targant, facing north:


Tazka's First and Second Domes are located at the very north end of the dirt road with 10-15 min approaching walks, facing south to south-east the First Dome and south to north-east the Second Dome. Tazka's Palm Grove is located at the very south end of the dirt road with a 10 min walk approach, facing south. Tocho El Regalito and Tocho El Regalito's Slab are two rocks located on the south side of Tazka, facing south-east and south respectively, be polite and don't cross through the local kitchen gardens. Prisa Mata, Tocho de Tazka and Flor de Luna are located on top of the southern hills of Tazka, sharing all northern exposure and 10-15 minutes of exhausting hiking


Ibrahim's Sector is located on the west side of the road once you pass the last houses, facing east to north-east. Imyane is located on the east side of the road, facing west to south-west. To get to the Black Wall, Transaharania, Black Wall's Valley and Lovers' Crack you must turn right at the characteristic '4 Palms' located 1,9 kms south of Tafraout's biggest gas station and follow the dirt road for 100-200 meters. Hike up west to reach a hidden valley and you'll find the first three areas, the Black Wall is visible from the road and is mainly north facing (10 min), Transaharania faces west (10 min) and Black Wall's Valley south-east (20 min). Lovers' Crack approach is evident and short, facing south to south-east. Elephant Rock is on the east side of the road, needs 10-15 min of hiking depending of the face and has routes on most of its faces. Heyt Mharres is on the east side of Aguerd Oudad, facing south:


3 ways of reaching the Painted Rocks:

  • a) turning left at the 'Painted Rocks Jct' located 5.2 kms west of Camping Les Trois Palmiers on Aday Road, once you pass Afela Ouaday and then following the dirt road;

  • b) turning right 7.0 kms south of Tafraout's biggest gas station on Aguerd Oudad road and following then the dirt road;

  • c) turn right 2.3 kms south of Tafraout's biggest gas station and get into Aguerd Oudad, follow the main street til the end where you are forced to turn right, turn left again and pass between two rocks, the street then turns left, after 50m turn right, pass the cattle fence (lock again if you find it closed) and follow the dirt road until you reach the Painted Rocks, this is the shortest of all without any doubt and the most recommendable.

Tammayurt Arete is located on the east side of the dirt road if coming from Aguerd Oudad, needs a 5 min hike up and faces south. Amalu Wall is the biggest rock located at the very north-eastern end of the plain that spreads north of the main painted rocks, needs a 5 min walk and faces... NORTH!. The Blue and Black Painted Rocks are obvious:

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indi said...

Nuevo sector de escalada deportiva en el pueblo de Anergui a 45 min. de Tafraoute. Vias equipadas con paraboles en dos sectores, entre v i 6b+.